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Name: Georgina Wale
Employer: Kingsley Cars Ltd

Why did you choose Heritage Skills Academy? 

I originally was meant to go to a different college in Birmingham, but the company I was first employed with had heard about HSA through people at Bicester Heritage and had offered me an interview. I jumped at the chance because it was an opportunity to learn about classic cars and how to really problem solve, not just replace parts.

How does it compare to your previous experiences of schooling and training?
100% better, it's more personalised and the best way to learn for me. I previously did A-levels and I got in a bit over my head, it was too much theory and memorising instead of application and learning.

Choose 5 words which best describe your experience of learning with HSA. 

Different, interesting, challenging, enjoyable, rewarding 

HSA is unlike any college or school I've ever heard of; I think the opportunities that are given to us are incredible and I'm very lucky to be a part of it.

What has been your proudest moment? 

My first week at college, being able to logically strip and rebuild and engine when I had no prior knowledge.

When have you learnt the most and in what topic? 

I think I learnt the most whilst learning about chassis and suspension. Because I already knew some basics it was quite easy to understand all the technical explanations behind how components work and the applications of different set ups.

What has been the biggest challenge for you to overcome whilst training with HSA?
My biggest challenge probably wasn't at college itself but at work, learning how to conduct myself professionally in that kind of work environment and cooperate with such a variety of staff members.

What are you long term career aspirations?
I would like to qualify in other areas, welding, potentially panel beating, get air con certified etc. After that, I potentially would like to work on pre-war cars or something different to Range Rovers and maybe open my own company one day.

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