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Name Ellie Gentry

Employer: Gentry restorations ltd

Why did you choose Heritage Skills Academy? 

I didn't hear about this place until my dad mentioned it to me and when reading up about this place i just felt like it was the perfect place for me. It just felt like i would of had more help here with meeting the staff they seemed bubbly and happy to help with any situation.

How does it compare to your previous experiences of schooling and training? 

I find that Heritage skills academy have a more adult way of learning, and when your struggling they will help you achieve higher than you thought you would.

Choose 5 words which best describe your experience of learning with HSA.
Hard working, Fun, positive, understanding, helpful

What has been your proudest moment? 

My proudest moment was passing my first assessment.

When have you learnt the most and in what particular topic? 

Making a tool makers clamp, I learnt a lot skills from accuracy and with how to safely use tools.

What has been the biggest challenge for you to overcome whilst training with HSA? 

Working on different varieties of cars i have only ever been around Bugatti's so coming here with a variety of cars so fun but also hard learning new things from scratch in a way.

What are you long term career aspirations? 

I hope to be a long side my dad and having the skills and understanding to help him with the business

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